Wayne Hughes knows there are many issues greatly impacting every day Oklahomans. He believes together we can be better, stronger, and better positioned for the future.


Wayne has witnessed firsthand the disadvantaged start Oklahoma children are receiving in relation to those across the nation. Oklahoma is ranked near last in quality of education outcomes and there is a direct relation between dollars spent per student and outcomes. Our schools are critically underfunded and we need to find new and creative ways to increase funding to schools without burdening those most vulnerable.

Criminal Justice Reform

When someone is arrested they are required to pay cash bail in order to leave and carry on with their lives prior to their court date. People who are unable to make cash bail are held in jail until their court date. Not only are they held for extended periods of time, they are also charged for every day they are being held. This disproportionately affects minorities and low-income individuals. Wayne knows we need to do better if justice for Oklahomans is to be fair and equitable.

Voting Rights Access

Wayne believes in active civic engagement and the importance of protecting and exercising our right to vote. In order to increase voter engagement in Oklahoma we should be modernizing our access to vote. Examples of initiatives that have proven to be successful include early voting, online voter registration, same-day voter registration, and moving election days to Saturday.

Consumer and Internet Privacy

With more of our daily lives and business moving online Wayne thinks it is important to protect the privacy of Oklahoman citizens. Many websites collect meta-data on individuals who access them. This data is then sold to other companies in order for them to target us and our friends and family with ads. The full extent of the data collected and who it is shared with can be difficult to opt out of or track down.

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